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UST Research Inc., was incorporated in 1993 to design and develop electronic hardware,
software and solutions related to industrial and commercial environments.

Installed in Orlando, Florida, the heart of high tech east USA, with thousands of related industry
all around, hundreds of NASA suppliers as neighbors and also being the Laser capital of USA.

Our main moto is :  "Be proud of your job. Make your customer proud of you."
Our specialty is related to accurate instrumentation, as calibrators, sensors,
converters and measurement units, bench devices or portables, from simple to complex units.

 OUR BACKGROUND                                                                     

Mr. Wagner Lipnharski, our founder, started in electronics field in 1969 and carries a heavy knowledge of 
digital and analog hardware, along with extensive skill of software for microcontrollers and processors
in general.  Most of other USTR employees follow  this  tradition.

Mr. Lipnharski is a former IBM employee, from 1974 to 1993. He left IBM as  a "Technical Specialist
Support Senior". He's field of work was mainframes hardware and data communication expertise.

As a small company we are able to move fast and adapt easily to situations, a task very difficult to
be accomplished by large organizations.  It allow us to provide high-tech products to our customers
with a
very reasonable price, because we don't have a long line of managers and directors to pay.


  • Electronic Hardware & Software development and production
  • Specialized in embedded microcontrollers and portable solutions.
  • PC Hardware and Software development and solutions.
  • Internet systems and applications - User and Server sides.
  • Custom solutions for industry measurement and control.
  • Industrial robotics customized applications.
  • Atmel AVR Consultant.


A device to be installed inside a chemical controller for swimming pools, it measures ORP and pH
levels and if some is outside of the programmable normal range, it stars an alarm phone call, reporting 
serial number and both chemical levels. The same device can answer a check phone call and report 
the same information in digitized human voice and in DTMF tones for a possible pager display.
This unit was produced to Aquasol Controllers (TX), and it is being in use for more than 5 years.

Portable Data Collector
A portable data collector and ticket selling unit, to be used in the streets. It stores all the operations
and produce a complete accounting of sales, payments, commissions, money movement, etc. All
the transactions are then transmitted to a central computer site using a device's internal modem chip.
The device controls a portable thermal printer using IrDa infrared communication. Hundreds of those 
units were already produced and they are in use in South America since 1995.

Solar Radiation Energy
A remote and stand-alone unit (Lumen) to be installed on top of poles, etc, to measure and store 
information relative to solar radiation energy.  Hundreds of units sampling the solar radiation each 5 
minutes make a perfect grid map plotting for analysis to locate the best possible site for installation of 
solar energy conversion systems.  The Lumen is stand alone, use solar cells to recharge its batteries, 
has internal memory to store up to 2 months of sample data, and transfer its data via IrDa Infrared or 
via RS232 cable connection to a larger collection unit.

Pressure and Current Calibrator
A portable unit to be used by the field technician and engineer, to calibrate and check pressure up to 
3000PSI with resolution of 0.001PSI (for 30PSI sensors)  and currents 0-30mA with resolution of
0.001mA, using a 24 bits ADC, linearization and temperature tables by software makes this unit the
perfect companion to the user.  All pressure engineering units available and two displays at the same
time allows to check two different sensors at the same time.  Developed and produced to Egar Inc.,
an associated company in Texas City - TX.

Styrofoam Cutting Machine
Produced to be one of the first Styrofoam CNC electronically controlled machine produced in USA, 
the board incorporate a long and extensive software to calculate all the vectoring and movement of the 
cutting wire on the foam.  The user produce the image drawing using CorelDraw or Cad software, 
export to .PLT (HPGL) file format and the PC software included (Cortax) produce a binary file that is 
send to the machine.  The machine then cuts Styrofoam boards up to 48" x 96" by 18" tick.  The 
machine is controlled either by the PC control program or by the use of an infrared remote control.

6220 South Orange Blossom Trail #603, Orlando, FL 32809-4688

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