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Type of Microcontroller

Publishing Date


Sine Tone Player

AVR AtTiny13 / Tiny15 / Tiny26

December 29 2006

This small project demonstrate the Tiny family high speed PWM capabilities to produce a sinewave output.  It was also incorporated functions to play Piano Key Tones using sinewave waveform, as a smooth and clean sound as the ones produced by cords.
The sinewaves produces are better in low frequencies. The high frequency keys need to jump over a larger byte quantity in the sine table, to be able to produce the correct frequency, it generates a high frequency component over the sinewave, and it may be noticeable on the sound speaker. Anyway, it is not a HI-FI system.....
The sinewave.asm includes 2 Christmas Songs.

Download:        sinewave.asm    /     sinewave.hex

Connection Diagram:

In the above drawing, SPI Interface pins are identified for chip programming.

Output Audio Waveforms


Wagner Lipnharski - UST Research Inc - December 2006