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FILENAME Size Date Description / Author
AVR.EXE 1210k 03/18/98 Atmel Assembler / Simulator v1.21 - Source Atmel
AVRco-32 31k 12/09/98 AVR Pascal Compiler - Link to the download site (4MB).
AVRASM32 112k 04/20/2002 **NEW** AVR Assembly for DOS.
WAVRASM.ZIP 200k 04/20/2002 **NEW** AVR Assembly for WINDOWS.
AVRXS.ZIP 14k 04/20/2002 **NEW** AVR ISP Flash Download for DOS - uses only 7 wires connected to your PC parallel port.
FF378.EXE 1k 04/20/2002 **NEW** To release RESET hold by AVRXS after data transfer. use if using LPT1 port.
FF278.EXE 1k 04/20/2002 **NEW** To release RESET hold by AVRXS after data transfer. use if using LPT2 port.
DOC0856.PDF 1.4MB 04/20/2002 AVR Complete Instruction Set.



There is a  BUG in the Wavrasm.Zip software, when dealing with .DB directives.  The Wavrasm calculate wrongly the .db memory address.  The flaw was found by Wagner Lipnharski, reported to Ingar Fredriksen (Atmel Applications Manager in Norway) in May/2002.,  see the  BUG example at the left.

ASTUDIO4.EXE 1607k 07/07/98 AVR Studio version 1.42, a C and Assembler source level debugger for the AT90S - Source Atmel
AVR400.ASM 8K 09/03/97 Low Cost A/D Converter - Source Atmel
AVR401.ASM 8k 10/12/97 8 Bit Precision A/D Converter - Source Atmel
UARTT.ASM 2k 09/11/98 Example of UART usage and timming loops - Brian Hammill
AVR304.ASM 13k 09/03/97 Half Duplex Interrupt Driven Software UART - Source Atmel
AVR305.ASM 5k 10/12/97 Half Duplex Compact Software UART - Source Atmal
AVR302.ASM 13k 10/12/97 I2C Software Slave Implementation - Source Atmel
AVR300.ASM 12k 10/12/97 I2C Software Master Implementation - Source Atmel
AVR200.EXE 23k 09/03/97 Self Extracting Multiply and Divide Routines - Source Atmel 
AVR202.ASM 8k 09/03/97 16 bit Arithmetics - Source Atmel
AVR204.ASM 13k 09/03/97 BCD Arithmetics - Source Atmel



There is a BUG in the AVR204.ASM software, the carry bit is not propagated in certain calculations (virtual DAA routine), it ends up in wrong results..  The flaw was found by Wagner Lipnharski, reported to Ingar Fredriksen (Atmel Applications Manager in Norway) in May/2002.  See the BUG and solution at the left

AVR220.ASM 4k 09/03/97 Bubble Sort Routine - Source Atmel
BEEP.ASM 2k 09/11/98 Generating an audible beep - Brian Hammill
AVR128.ASM 6k 09/03/97 Setup and Use the Analog Comparator -  Source Atmel
AVR102.ASM 4k 09/03/97 Block Copy Routines - Source Atmel
*CLICK4LINK* *** *** AVR 8 Bit Risc engines DATA-SHEET - Atmel Link
AVRTOOLS.TXT 3k 08/13/98  Latest information about all AVR development tools - Source Atmel
*CLICK4LINK* *** *** Frequent Asked Questions about AVR engines - Atmel Link

Note:  The above files were supplied by the author or from some internet sites. 

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We are not responsible for the files here listed, for the results of the its applications or for the possible problems generated by its use. We did not tested those files, and they were listed in here exactly as they were sent. This list is just a merely center of collection and download for those files. We do not expect any payment or any financial transaction related to the storage and distribution of those files.  We have no business connection or relation to Atmel, its representatives or distribution companies...even that I would love if they expontaneously could pay for my little $19.95 Internet monthly access fee :)

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