3d Lettering and Symbols
 Decorative objects
 Signs and "Eye Catchers"
 Light Weigth,  Easy to Install.
 Trade Shows Suspended Rotating Signs.
 Point of Sale low cost attraction.
 Substitutes Wood, Cast, Cement, Plastic.

 Objects Scale Reproduction for Trade Shows.

 Simulation of 3d Object Prototypes.

 Low Cost and Fast production.

 Paintable with water base Paint or Epoxy.

 Simulation of Wood, Rock, Concrete and more.

Unlimited ideas and easy solutions directed implemented from your favorite computer design software to a real 3d solid piece, in few minutes.

 Can be used Inside or Outside.
 Objects from 0.5" to 48x24FT in size. 
 Tickness of 1, 2, 3 or 4 inches, pink or blue.
 Durability and Strength for years.
 Image Creation in Windows CorelDraw.
 Cutting Software uses HPGL format file.
 Sharp definition at 320 dpi.
The styrofoam "Extruded Polystyrene" (EPS), is used to produce logos, symbols, decorative objects,  and much other.  Easily attachable to a wall or board using silicone glue.  The object  at the  left is 8.5 x 6.5 x 1 inches and weights only 0.8 oz (23.6g). It fits more than 19 objects per lb (454g).

The EPS allows the production of firm and solid objects,  with a fantastic feeling of reality.  

After painted  with the right color, it is impossible to say it is not wood, metal, rock, laminated or else.

Cost effective with easy production, turn cut EPS one of the best allied of your business.

The zoomed demonstrates the lower left of the letters intersection, when the fine and clean cut shows the machine accuracy and smoothness. The inner cut is only 0.3" (8mm). 
The perfect temperature controlled nickel-chromium cutting wire, in relation to the stepper motors moving mechanism and speed, creates this unique bright and smooth finishing, requiring no extra job or polishing, here demonstrated at the top right side.
Actual Objects produced at the FC-1 machine

Temporarily we are offering cutting service.
A custom logo as the UST above, up to 18 x 10 inches cost only:
Click here for details

The FC-1 machine is produced in Orlando, Florida.
We are looking for distributors and resellers.

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