Originaal Colors available:  light PINK and light BLUE
Tickness Available:  1, 2 or 3 inches.

Custom logo can be produced in Windows CorelDraw, using bold letters
and symbols in a closed single path object, sizes can go up to 48 x 96 inches

We can produce custom logos based on fax, pictures or any other logo
image, or also develop a new logo for your company or office.


Logo or Text Size
Up to...
Cutting Cost
1/2/3" (tickness)
If Requested
UPS Ground cost plus... 
12 x 18" $20/25/30 $20 $10 (packing)
24 x 36"l $40/50/60 $25 $20 (packing)
48 x 72" $100/125/150 $30 $25 (packing)
(Material will be sliced in 
two for easy packing)

Prices above is just for One Logo containing an artwork or design, or a text
with a maximum of 15 letters.  Other way contact us for quotation.

Submit your artwork attached to an email to mail@ustr.net, along with
your name, company name, address and phone number.
We will reply a final quotation in less than 24 hours.

Production and Shipping within 24 hours after receiving the Money Order payment.

The product is shipped without any painting, in the original foam color blue or pink.
This material can be painted with regular water based paint using roller or brush.
All oil, alchool or solvent based paint (as spray paint cans) destroy the product.

We can supply the material painted in the following colors (water based)
or latex, by an extra charge of 60% over the cutting price above:

White Beige Yellow
Blue Green Red
Black Orange Purple