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CODE:  EPROMER5 Package_003

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  • Assembled and Tested.
  • SMD technology.
  • On board VPP generation.
  • 7V 700mA Power Supply included
    German Switching Adapter (110Vac)
  • 25 pin Male/Male Round Cable
  • ZIFSocket 32 Pins
  • Connect to your PC Parallel port
  • FREE Windows Software
  • FREE Shipping USPS
    (Priority Mail Continental USA)
    Shipping to Canada please add $10.00


Eprom Programmer v6.

This new unit provides facility to program, read, compare, blank check 27C32, 64, 128, 256, 512, up to 8MegaBit eproms, 12.5V, 21V or 25V VPP, flash and e2prom memories, and much more upon new software versions  to be released for and posted at the Internet.

Windows software allows you to read programmed chips and store the read data to harddrive.  Use any hed/binary editor to change your file as and if necessary, then program a blank eprom.

Check Other options at
Epromer Webpage


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  • 110/127 Vac Operation
  • 6ft silicone air line
  • serrated pickup noozle/
  • USA Priority Mail Included.
    Overseas Shipping add: $9.00


Vacuum Pump-1 Kit

This is a nice vacuum pump for Pick & Place
SMD or small parts.  It supplies a minimum of
-1.5 PSI of vacuum, enough to lift and hold
all small SMD as resistors, capacitors, diodes,
transistors and ICs up to SOIC 16.
It comes with 6 ft long silicone air line
(not cheap pvc line) for better flexibility
and handling, and a pickup noozle (serrated
stainless steel 18 needle).  Runs directly on
127vac with no rotating parts, no oil required,
runs very quiet.

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8051 Bare Board

Click for diagram

 $18.00 + SH


8031/51/52, Cmos or not, 875x or not. 
Eprom 27C256 (32k) + Ram 62256 (32k)
Address decode: 74hct573 + 139 + 00
Keyboard Input: 74hct125
Watch Dog: Dallas DS1232
Power Switching 5V: Max857 w/coil
Connectors for Keyboard and LCD

This board decodes addressing to Eprom, 
2 x Ram (32k), LCD, Keyboard, and two 
other spare address.  UART Tx and Rx goes
to a modular RJ11 4 pins connector, with or w/o
inverting polarity, with 2 pins to send or receive
+5V and Ground.  Ram chip can be a Real 
Time Clock Ramified Dallas DS1644, or any
other regular static 32k pinout style 62256. 

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8051 Board & Parts

  • 80C51, 573, 139, 00, 125
  • eprom soquet (28p)
  • 6Mhz or 3.57Mhz Crystal
  • 2 x 0.1nF + 22uF Caps

(assembly required)
 $32.00 + SH

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Matrix KeyPad

  • Membrane Tactile Keys
  • Cable and connector

Click for diagram

 $8.00 + SH

Matrix KeypPad

23 Keys in a Matrix 4x6 format, plus one 
isolated key to be used as Reset, Power, etc.
High quality domes, 2 inches flat cable and 12
pin female connector, 0.1" spaced. 

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Small Serial LCD

  • 4 Digits
  • LCD, very low consume
  • 3 pins connector

3 units: $10.00 + SH

Small Serial LCD (SS-LCD)
(less than 1 inch)
Uses only 2 wires to communicate with the 
microcontroller.  Segments are stepped in
using Data and Clock pins, as a shi\ft register.
Very low power and high speed, high contrast. 
The left 4 digits works nice, the 5th digit has
manufacturer problems and segments are
mixed up, can keep it blank though.

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LCD 2 lines 16 chars

  • Alphanumeric Display
  • LED BackLight
  • 16 pin connector interface
  • 2 pin for BackLight

$12 shipping included
to all continental USA

(low stock available)


controller on board

Dark Blue text on light green or silver
background.  14 pins interface, the most usual
interface to any microcontroller. Connector with
female posts. Those displays are USED, pulled
from working equipment. All units are tested
before shipping.

Here is your opportunity to build that tester,
indicator, learning unit and so on.

This units work with 8 or only 4 data bits at
the interface, so you can build a simply
connection using only 7 pins.

Read all about LCD and Interface to 8051 at
our webpage,
click here.

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  • 16 digits (64 bits)
  • 80C51 MicroProcessor
  • 4x20 LCD Display
  • 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries (included)

$168.00 + s&h

(NiCad+Charger add $20.00)


Hexadecimal Calculator
16 digits (64 bits), 3 registers X, Y and Z

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Recall X, Recall Y, Clear X, Clear Y
Move Z > X,  Z > Y,  Y > X, X > Y
Convert X to Decimal
24 keys panel, digit entry calculator style with 
edition, backspace and auto left zero.

Perfect for calculations during math software
development when no other calculator can
achieve that quantity of digits.

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Modem Parts Kit

  • Single Chip Modem
  • 1200, 2400 bps
  • 9600 bps fax
  • 5V operation
  • Microcontroller & Serial Interface
  • Printed Circuit Board NOT supplied

Click for Diagram
Click for more

$30.00 + s&h

RC224ATF Kit # 3

Kit # 3 packs 21 parts:
1 x RC224ATF PLCC 68 pins chip
1 x 16MHz crystal
1 x Phone Line Transformer 600+600 Ohms
1 x Phone Line Relay SPST 500 Ohms
2 x 1N748 or similar 22 Volts Zener Diodes
1 x 82 pF ceramic disk capacitor
1 x 47 pf ceramic disk capacitor
1 x 1 nF polyester capacitor
1 x 22 nF polyester capacitor
3 x 100 nF capacitor
1 x 33 uF small polarized capacitor
1 x 100 k Ohms 1/8 W resistor
2 x 10 k Ohms 1/8 W resistors
1 x 10 Ohms 1/8 W resistor
1 x 536 Ohms 1/8 W resistor
1 x 47 or 36 Ohms 1 W resistor
1 x Varistor 130V

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Rockwell - Conexant

  • Single Chip Modem
  • 1200, 2400 bps data speed
  • 9600 fax speed
  • 5V operation
  • Large rare Datasheet supplied (pdf)

$15.00 + s&h

RC224ATF Chip

Easy to interface with the 8051/AVR/PIC, just
TX, RX, Reset and Enable (wake up) lines.

Works with Hayes commands, and does dtmf 
or pulse dial, automatic handshaking.

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