Plastic Case Tilt Unit
with a Metal Ball inside.
4 for only $12
(this is a real and honest offer)
Box measuring exactly:  0.5" x 0.5"x  0.7"
Ball diameter: 0.35"
From Center to Side Tilt: ±30°
From one Side To Another: ±15°

The low angle from one side to another (15°) is due to the fact that the ball is almost getting back from the side to center with only ±15°, so applying more ±15° it goes directly to the other side.

This is perfect to build up devices that need to feed tilt movement, like joysticks, ramps, acceleration, and so on. 

There is no tech specs about mass or acceleration, but it can easily developed.

Using two units, one pointing south another east (90° horizontal assembled) it will be possible to build up a nice joystick on the back of your hand.

You can see this picture here at the left side, I am holding the unit between two fingers. You can have an idea about the size.

The unit need to be assembled with pins pointing up, so the contacts will be at the bottom of the case, and the ball easily rolls over them.  The ball just finds its rest between the two center contacts when horizontal, and upon the tilt of ±30°, it tilts over the side contact with one bottom contact.
The circuit is:

Left Tilt:   Contact A + B
Center:    B + C
Right Tilt: C + D

If you want to buy a multiple of 4 units, just send an
email to me wagner@ustr.net requesting it with
your mail address.  Upon my email reply to confirm 
the availability, you will send a money order to my
address. I will ship it the same day MO arrives.
S&H (Priority Mail): $6.00 (up to 8 units)
Wagner Lipnharski.