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Incorporated in 1993, is a company positioned to design, develop and create electronic solutions.

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Instruments for Measurement and Control.
Portable Indicators and Displays.
Calibrators for Pressure, Voltage, Current, Temperature.
Interfaces for Thermocouples, pH, ORP, Rtd, Ntc.
Current Loops (4-20mA).
Data Communication via wire, fiber and Infra-Red.
Data Collectors and Data Loggers.
Device Programmers - Eproms, Eeproms, uC, etc.
Special Customer Requirements.
State-of-the-art Technology.
Precision and High Resolution (24 bits ADC).
From simple to complex devices.
1 ppm (microvolts per C).
Close to Top Manufacturers new releases .
Turn-Key subcontractors.
Thru-hole, surface mount or mixed.
Macro Chip on Ceramic Substrate.

Everything above allows us to develop high quality and high reliable devices, in sync with today's requirements for power and space savings.

We do not develop electronics, we create solutions. We do not just use technology, we stretch it to the edge, so it will be in touch with the best, the reliable and the most advanced available electronics, over extending our products lifetime and your satisfaction.

To learn more about what UST RESEARCH Inc. can do for your plant of company, from a small and simple to a complex solution, send us an email:

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